Thursday, August 3, 2017

Old German Books From the 19th Century

In today’s world, the amount of media we have to entertain ourselves is endless. From cellphones to tablets to the big screen at the theater, it seems like we are never not looking at a screen. Well, can you imagine a time where one of the only forms of entertainment lay within the pages of a book? In the 1800's and before, people all over had only books to bring them the information our technology brings us today.

Recently, the Museum has been lucky enough to receive some rare books, straight from 19th century. All of them are German and range from Catholic books to philosophy to even arithmetic. Even though these books may have not been the best form of entertainment at the time, it is so interesting to flip through the pages and take a glimpse into the past.

The books were a donation to the Museum and our curator and program director have been studying them amidst getting ready for our new exhibit. Check out last week’s blog post for more information on that. These books range in originating dates from 1801 to the mid-1890s. Most of them are Catholic books which would be used during a mass, to learn about Mary, the mother of Jesus and teaching the Catechism.

Other than books having to do with Catholicism, the others were perhaps used in universities and schools. One specific book was a conduct book for soldiers titled, "War Articles for the Oldenburg Troops", dated 1862. After more research is completed on these books, the blog will be updated with more detailed and interesting information. All together, these works are very important objects that offer yet another gateway to the past. 

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