Thursday, July 27, 2017

All Are Not Free: Experiences of Berlin Residents During the Berlin Airlift

Have you ever been gifted with a chocolate bar falling from the sky? Probably not. Well, in the late 1940s, children in Berlin had the delight of receiving chocolate bars tied to parachutes made of handkerchiefs during the Berlin Airlift, all thanks to Colonel Gail Halvorsen aka, The Candy Bomber. Halvorsen was one of thousands of soldiers who delivered supplies to the Berliners during the Cold War. The Cold War is a topic many people don’t know much about, but The Museum of World Treasures is about to unveil a new exhibit that tells the story of this great conflict.

Colonel Gail Halvorsen, “The Candy Bomber”

The new exhibit is called “All Are Not Free: Experiences of Berlin Residents During the Cold War”. The title comes from a speech that President John F. Kennedy gave in June of 1963 titled, “Ich Bin Ein Berliner”. This fascinating experience will take you through the experiences of the Berlin residents during the Cold War. Visitors will be able to view items on special loan from the American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS), alongside items that are a part of the permanent Museum of World Treasures collection.

A United States Air force Douglas C-54 landing during the Berlin Airlift

The exhibit will have many interactive aspects including frequently asked questions and a journal where visitors can write their experiences from the time of the Berlin Airlift and throughout the Cold War. There will also be uniforms worn by both sides of the conflict along with many other artifacts. This rotating exhibit will be a gateway to the past, telling the story of what it was like to be in Berlin during that time. 

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