Monday, June 27, 2016

Camp Recap

Over the past month, local kids have been playing their way through history at the Museum through Summer Adventure Camps. Our Ancient World Explorers and Museum Apprentices have marveled, created, tasted, and dressed-up as a part of an ultimate summer discovery experience.
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Museum Apprentices pose as ferocious dinosaurs in front of their exhibit “Fossils and Facts”
On June 6-10, K-5 participants in the Ancient World Explorers Camp learned about Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. On one day, kids discovered ancient Egypt by decorating bananas with frosting and candy eyes to look like mummies and building mini pyramids. On another day, campers made (safe to use) Greek spears and pretended to be hoplite warriors. On the final day, the kids donned historical costumes and welcomed parents into the world of ancient civilizations during a reception.
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An Ancient World Explorer models his toga
On June 11-15, middle-schoolers learned about fossils and paleontology and acted as museum apprentices during Museum Apprentice Camp: Paleontology. Throughout, the campers worked to make a take-home plaster cast of a fossil in MOWT’s collection and to curate an exhibit. By the end of the week, the kids had created “Fossils and Facts,” an exhibit which invites viewers to feel shark teeth, compare their hand to a megalodon tooth or horseshoe crab, and learn about the displayed body fossils and trace fossils.  “Fossils and Facts” will remain on display in the Children’s Activity Center until next year’s Museum Apprentice Camp.
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A case in the Museum Apprentice exhibit “Fossils and Facts” displaying examples of trace fossils
Parents and kids alike have been sharing their rave reviews from the camps.
“My camper was very excited to attend Museum Apprentice Camp, It's all he talked about for weeks.”
“This camp was wonderful! A perfect fit for my child. We will definitely be back.”
“I enjoyed handling artifacts and making a shield and spear. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like.”

If your child didn’t get a chance to experience the Ancient World Explorers Camp in June, never fear! There is one more session of this camp taking place July 11th-15th from 8:45am-11:45am. Tickets can be purchased on Hurry! Ticket sales end Wednesday, June 29th!

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