Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dobré ráno and jó reggelt

Prague and Budapest - the capitals of two countries located in the borderlands of what have been traditionally labeled Eastern and Western Empires. Their kaleidoscopic histories encompass Roman provinces, Hun invasions, the Carolingian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, and more.

Hello! This is Tim, I am the Curator of Exhibits and Research at MOWT. As I fly over the UK on my way to Prague and Budapest, I am writing this, the first of several guest blogs on my journey through these two lands.

With the same heart of the Museum's founder when he says "history comes alive when you can see it and feel it," this immersive research trip will include travel to historic sites and museums to investigate artifacts and exhibits at MOWT, and to create innovative programming. Some highlights of this trip are as follows:

Saturday, March 12 - Arrival in Prague
Sunday, March 13 - Museum of Medieval Art, the Jewish Quarter, and Wenceslas Square
Monday, March 14 - Prague Castle and Strahov Monastery and Library
Tuesday, March 15 - Pilsen, and Prague Castle follow up
Wednesday, March 16 - Transfer to Budapest
Thursday, March 17 - Buda Royal Palace Museums
Friday, March 18 - Applied Arts Museum, Hungarian National Museum
Saturday, March 19 - Aquincum and Turkish baths
Sunday, March 20 - Return to Kansas

I will be posting updates throughout the week as time and Internet access allow, so please check back often for new posts and some pictures.

One quick reminder before I sign off, while I may be seven hours ahead of all of you in Central Standard Time, after daylight savings time begins (2:00 am on Sunday, March 13) I will only be six hours ahead.

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