Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Resolutions for the Museum of World Treasures

Museum Staff took a turn in the photobooth
during Night of Treasures: STOMP!
The Museum of World Treasures enjoyed a wonderful 2015! From spending time with our visitors during Customer Appreciation Day, to dancing the night way during Night of Treasures: STOMP!, we are so thankful for everything we got to experience! As a new year approaches, we wanted to let our fans know some resolutions we have for the Museum so that we can best serve our visitors and patrons during 2016 and the years to come! 

Mike Noller, President and CEO, says he wants to "create ever more engaging, inspiring and fun educational programs (for kids of ALL ages, including OLD 50-year-olds like me!)" He also wants to develop and participate in a rewarding and sustainable employee wellness program "so we can live healthier, with more energy and even more passion to educate, entertain and inspire!"

2016 will be a great year for new exhibits! In February, the Rotating Gallery will be changed to a new exhibit, curated by Student Curator Julie Tew. The theme is jewelry, but other details are currently being determined. Also, during the summer, the Korean War exhibit will be renovated and updated. Tim Howard, Curator of Exhibits and Research, says his goal is to have an exhibit completely finished at least 24 hours before the exhibit is scheduled to open. Good luck, Tim! 

We are excited for Summer Camps in 2016!
Kristin Martin, Education Director, wants to create core documents, including a mission and vision, to help the Education Department prepare MOWT for accreditation with the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). And, of course, we all want to make school tours more fun for kids and put on summer camps that are bigger and better than ever!

Steven King, Curator of Collections and Staff Paleontologist, is regularly researching artifacts and working to create a collection that will be enjoyed by our visitors. He says his resolution is "to continue original research that can be published in academic journals or presented at academic meetings."

Jordan Page, Marketing Assistant, is always giddy when a new review is written on TripAdvisor for the Museum. MOWT is currently ranked as #4 on the Top Things to Do in Wichita list. She wants to make the climb to #3! 

Write a review!
We also are looking to recruit more volunteers and interns during 2016. Martin is working to recruit twice as many interns as last year and revitalize the internship program to provide more opportunities for professional development. Crystal Neihoff, Development Director, is taking over as the Volunteer Coordinator in 2016 so she wants to have recruited seventy more volunteers by the end of 2016. Interested in learning more about the volunteer/intern program? Visit our website

Tracy Dickson, Operations Director, was a bit more practical. She simply wants to work on not feeding any children to the dinosaurs next year. 

During 2016, the Museum will celebrate 15 years! WOW! To celebrate, the Museum will offer events and programs all year to encourage Lifelong Learning, Infinite Possibilities. Stay tuned for details for all that will be happening in 2016!

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