Monday, November 9, 2015

Take the Crown

November 1, 2015 marked the second time in thirty years that the Major League Baseball (MLB) team, the Kansas City Royals, won the World Series. The rallying cry of “Take the Crown” was chanted everywhere to lift the spirits of the city’s team, locals, and fans.

Fans of the team and city flocked to Kansas City, Missouri to celebrate the team’s victory and welcome them home on Tuesday, November 4. An estimated 800,000 people converged on the city, wearing their royal blue proudly. In a city of approximately 466,600 people, this nearly doubled the city’s population during the celebrations.

According to Fox 4 News, during the 2015 season, the Royals added several firsts to their list of records: they won 11 games in the postseason, trailed by at least two runs in seven of them, fell behind in all five World Series games, and won three of them when trailing in the eighth inning or later. No team had ever accomplished these before in the 110-year history of the World Series.

A drone shot this picture of approximately 800,000 people celebrating at the rally. Courtesy of
The team name “Royals” originates from a livestock show and championship barbeque competition held annually in Kansas City since 1899, known as the American Royal. 

The Museum staff is proud of the local team for rallying to “Take the Crown” and make history! Located on the second floor of the Museum is an exhibit dedicated to other royalty in history. “Creating the Crown” is an expansive exhibit that covers the beginning of the major dynasties from the Dark Ages, through the later Medieval and Renaissance periods, and up to the Modern Era. In addition to discussing the royal families, this exhibit also explains major cultural events surrounding these periods.

While these royalty probably weren’t swift around the bases, they were certainly victorious in their quests for ruling their lands. Learn more about their parts in history by visiting the Museum today!

The Museum staff congratulates the Royals on their victory and wishes them luck in their next season! For more information on the exhibits at the Museum, please visit 

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