Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Campers reflect on creating their own exhibit at MOWT

This week eight 6th-9th graders have joined the education director, Jillian Overstake-Forsberg, in creating a temporary exhibit in the Children’s Activity Center on the history of writing in the first-ever Apprentice Adventure Camp. As part of their activities, the students were asked to help promote their love of museums and be marketers for a moment. For their own blog post, the students were asked: Why do you love museums? If you had your own museum, what would it be like? How do you feel about working on a museum exhibit that will be up for a year? 

Here's what they said:

Nick W. 7th Grade

I like museums because I get to learn new stuff. If I had my own museum I would have my own Spartan armor and weapon. The exhibit would have a gold background. It would also have their beliefs.

Amanda M. 7th Grade

I love museums because I like to learn new things and it’s super awesome. If I had my own museum it would be about anything around the world and make it look like you are walking through time. Each country has a room with different cultures, past, future, and present. I would think some kids would be inspired by it to help the museum and take these camps. It is also an hour you could say to have my work to be seen by so many people.

Emma G. 6th grade

I love museums because they’re interesting and cool. If I had a museum it would either be a fossils museum or an Australian history museum. Having an exhibit in the museum that I worked on will be really cool.

Gabriel G. 9th grade

I love museums because I can see the past. The past is awesome and we cannot forget the past. This museum is different from all the other museums. People who want to go to the Museum to see the new exhibit coming out on the subject of writing. If I had my own museum it would be a natural history museum.

Joshua N. 7th grade

I love museums because they are entertaining. If I had my own museum, it would be a maritime museum. The main attraction would be a battleship. The exhibit would be the museum and go around the world. I’d like to work there because it interests me.

Michaela B. 6th grade

I love museums because I love history. Museums are just packed with history. If I can, I love to spend around six hours in museums (this one in particular). Now, if I had my own museum I would like it to be based around the Holocaust. I have always had this strange interest for the Holocaust, I really can’t explain it. Anyways, I think it would be really cool if my museum could be located in one of the death camps. That would be awesome. It would really mean a lot to me. I have a real fascination on this subject and I would to have a whole museum based around it. Besides just looking around museums, I would love to actually work in one. More specifically, I would like to become a museum curator. I have wanted to be one since I was six. Hopefully, when I get older, that dream will come true.

Connor M. 7th grade

I love museums cause I have always yearned for knowledge in everything from the arts to the future. I would have a museum of invention and future ideas, my main exhibit would be God creating Adam and Eve, then of ideas since Adam and Eve left the garden, and a room for the timeline of inventions. I want to work in a museum cause I want to contribute to all and any museum.

Clayton S. 7th grade

I love museums because I learn things I never knew. The museum is always different and interesting. I would have my museum be a museum of the evolution of weapons and war. It is the most interesting topic to me. I think the exhibit will be great and interesting. The exhibit being on display for a year would mean a lot to me. I would like to work at a museum because I love history.

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