Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp registration deadline July 5th

Summer is well under way, but there is still a chance to sign up for July summer camp! Registration is open until July 5th. Call the Museum today to reserve your child’s spot.

Campers had a blast in June learning about Paleontology. Activities included digging for bones, building their own dino, learning about amber and more.

One parent described her daughter’s summer camp experience as fantastic. She wrote, “My stepdaughter is currently going to one of their summer camps and LOVES it! Can't stop talking about it every night! I've learned all about dinosaurs this week and a little bit about mummies. When I asked her about King Tut she said they hadn't learned about him but went running for a piece of paper to write down his name so she could ask about him tomorrow. Where else can you find someplace that gives that type of eagerness to learn to a 9-year-old on summer break? I've always been a huge fan of the museum but our summer camp experience has been the frosting on the cake!”

Adventure Camps are fun, four-day educational programs that take place in June and July. Each camp offers a morning session for children entering 1st-3rd grade and an afternoon session for children entering 4th-6th grade.

Cost for camp is $60 members/$75 non-members per child (+ tax). Find the registration form and permission form in this related blog post.

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