Thursday, April 25, 2013

Museum Partners with AOSHS

We had a great Coffee with the Curator program this morning at the Museum of World Treasures! A big thank you to Iain Woessner at the American Overseas Schools Historical Society for visiting to give a lecture on their organization and connection to MOWT.

AOSHS exists to preserve history from military base schools around the world. Although someday they would like to start a musuem of their own, for now they collect, study, and preserve artifacts sent to them from schools in many different countries.

The archive has several items on loan to the Museum, including part of the Berlin Wall.

The organization is located at 704 W. Douglas, Wichita, KS 67203. AOSHS has some items on display and many in storage. To arrange a visit to the archives, please contact the organization at

Make sure to catch us next month for Coffee with the Curator! Every last Thursday of the month at 9AM we have a guest speaker lecture on something about the Museum, a speicific culture, or an interesting time in history. On Thursday, May 30, our Curator of Collections, Steven King, will talk on Fish, Mammals, and the Ice Age in preparation of our new exhibit opening in June!

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