Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fundraising Underway for New Curatorial

The Museum of World Treasures is currently seeking funding for a new curatorial space, a necessary project for proper preservation of the artifacts in the Museum’s collections.

The new curatorial space will have a vapor barrier, insulation and a hanging ceiling to help prevent large changes in temperature and humidity.  Floor to ceiling walls will seal the curatorial off from the rest of the building, helping to regulate the environment in the new space. There will also be a separate preparatory room with the same construction to be used for working with objects that need repaired, researched or photographed.

The preparatory room and curatorial space will both be on a separate heat, ventilation, and air conditioning unit from the rest of the Museum. This will allow the environment in the curatorial space and preparatory room to be held at levels that are best for preserving the artifacts.

“With the public’s support, hope to build a secure, climate controlled curatorial space so that the Museum can become an even better steward of the artifacts in our care,” said Steven King, Curator of Collections.

It is very important to protect artifacts and to keep them in a safe environment.  Without the proper conditions, artifacts can deteriorate and become damaged.  Preservation efforts are critically important to the Museum and the collectors represented. To donate to this project or find out more on our progress, please contact the Museum at 316.263.1311.

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