Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wesley Boyle, 2012 Volunteer of the Year

Wesley Boyle, 2012 Volunteer of the Year
We are pleased to announce Wesley Boyle as our 2012 Volunteer of the Year! Wesley started volunteering at the Museum in October, 2011, and he received his award at the annual Christmas Party held at the home of Board Chairman Bill Williams.

Wesley, a retired Air Force lawyer, put in over 500 hours at the Museum working on projects like revamping the classroom area, organizing the basement, and helping with children’s activities and school tours. Wesley’s passion for history and the Museum have always been clear. Wesley’s favorite things about the Museum include interacting with guests, working with children, and talking about his own experiences in the armed forces.

Volunteer of the Year recipients must be among the top three volunteers for hours completed at the Museum, may not have been awarded the honor before, and must be voted on by the Museum’s staff. Other recipients include intern Chris Thome in 2011, and former volunteer and current Curator of Collections Steven King in 2010.

“Volunteer of the Year very much surprised me,” said Wesley about the award. “After seeing others that give more than me, it is an honor for me.” Wesley’s fondness of the Museum is evident through his passionate words: “The Museum is a wonderful organization that gives so much to our community and our children. It gives children a place to dream and experience the world around them.”

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