Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy 204th Birthday Abraham Lincoln!

Look, we're on television!

Did you see us on KWCH Ch. 12 this morning? Here's a photo of our fantastic Education Director, Jillian Overstake-Forsberg getting ready to go LIVE. She was nervous but she did a great job.

Watch the interview HERE.

Jillian went on air to talk about Abraham Lincoln's 204th birthday. Are you coming to the Museum to celebrate?

She was able to take some great artifacts with her to show on television, including Lincoln's cane that is on loan to the Museum in our President's Hall.

The cane is at the Museum of World Treasures because Lincoln was friends with a man named Hamilton Satonstall, who had a cane that was too tall for him. Lincoln was our tallest elected president at 6'4" tall, which was incredibly lanky for the 1800s. The average man was around 5'7". Canes were a popular fashion accessory and Lincoln's cane was too short. Friends Abe and Ham swapped canes, and Hamilton held onto the it. He passed it down through the generations of his family, who have loaned it to us. 

Watch the interview here. Thanks KWCH for having the Museum on to visit!

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